The World Heritage City of Visby is surrounded by a 3.4 kilometer-long ring wall and inside the wall there are several spectacular church ruins as memories of the rich medieval times.


The entire medieval Visby is enclosed by the 3.4-kilometer-long wall, which is Northern Europe’s best-preserved city wall. It was built in different stages in the 13th century and the 14th century. If you want to discover the world heritage city of Visby, take a morning walk around the eight-meter high wall before it is time to go to the beach or go to a business meeting.


It is difficult not to be fascinated by Visby’s impressive church ruins. Around the inner city, they testify of Visby’s rich medieval times. There are, among other things, mighty S: ta Katarina who thinks over Stora torget, intimate and original Helge And where many marry and S: t Nicolai who has turned into a modern arena for concerts, conferences and wedding parties. This is also why it is called the Cultural Dragon.